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We turn your idea into reality! Founded in 2012 Down River Design is a full service software/application design, development, and video production firm.


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We are a team of young and energetic individuals who invest hours into building you the best and most solid products. We love to get as excited about your project as you are!


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Graphic Design

You have to start somewhere and that somewhere is the visual face of your company. Our designs are clean, modern, and represent a groundbreaking new approach for your company. The Down River Design graphics team are by far the most expressive of the bunch- a loquacious crew brimming with creativity. Our design approach is simple – create a look that the competition cannot match.  A lofty goal perhaps, but not unreasonable. We’ll differentiate your business and position you at the head of the class.

Web App Development

We could bore you with flashy credentials and coding speak or simply tell you we have some ASP.NET and PHP players in-house that will blow your mind. These aren’t your stereotypical introverted engineers socked away in our business cubicles – they’re front and center with natural light, and all the tools needed to maintain fluid communication with you from start to finish. Ecommerce, large scale custom application development, simple mom and pop sites -whatever your need or size, your web applications can be entrusted to Down River Design.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one of our stronger service areas and the app literally didn’t exist until very recently. It’s always fun to be on the cutting edge and this is also an area where talents collide – our design team and backend engineers all collaborate when we build an application for iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablets. Custom built ready-to-run enterprise and customer apps, as well as multi channel design apps – whatever your specific need – we have it all!  After development they will be released by our experienced team in their respective app stores.

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a metropolitan library full of words. We offer creative full service video production, video strategy and distribution planning – our range of video production services can push through whatever challenge your company faces. The Down River video production team typically engages at a research and concept development stage, irons out the content strategy, then moves on to HD quality production featuring a range of animations and graphics along with time-lapse video capabilities.


Projects we are proud of

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People we love working with

I’d been working with contracted developers for months who greatly overcharged me, were outsourced overseas (unbeknownst to me at the time I signed the contract) and produced a bug ridden app. After I got in contact with Down River Design, they were able to help me find all of the bugs in the app and provide an extremely cost effective solution. Communication was a breeze and he went out of his way to help me save even more money throughout the process. The end product was great. Down River Design is undoubtedly extremely affordable, dependable and honourable. Jordan Golshan

I cannot recommend the Down River team enough. They mapped out the process for building a website for my business in layman’s terms and delivered a site that is easier for me to edit than a Word document. Eric Magnuson

I had been working with another app creation company and got really frustrated with high costs and deadlines being missed. Everything got SO MUCH BETTER once I found Down River Design. DRD was very fairly priced, always on time and always exactly as specified. Dan is honest up front about the cost and timeline and sticks to them, often beating deadlines by days and weeks (which is unheard of in app development). Mayank Shah

Our Team

New Orleans based designers and developers

Daniel Crowley

Daniel Crowley

Founder/Project Manager

Daniel Crowley is the founder of Down River Design. He was born in Minnesota but raised in Massachusetts.  He lived there until he attended Tulane University in New Orleans, graduating with a business degree in Finance.  He decided to start Down River Design in 2011 after a frustrating experience developing his own app. Daniel leads most projects and deals directly with anything mobile and web application related. Daniel enjoys running/exercising, golf, and scuba diving.  Feel free to contact Daniel directly for any and all questions.







Brighton Linge

Brighton Linge

Video Production Engineer

Brighton Linge was born and raised right here in New Orleans.  Brighton has always had a passion for cinematography which spurred him to attend UNC School of Arts.  He has worked on many projects including De Ja Vu and The Vanilla Ice Project.  He has also done work for NFL films.  Brighton has unmatched talents in creating visually stunning videos for any and all fields.  Contact Brighton at any time to pitch your idea!









Brian Cook

Brian Cook

Web Development Specialist

Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Brian Cook is a graduate of Tulane University and handles all things web at Down River. Brian focuses on responsive designs that look great on phones, tablets, and desktops. He is a pro at taking the vision of a small business and turning it into a reality. For a one-on-one website consultation shoot Brian an email.










Vikas Sadana

Vikas Sadana

Marketing Specialist

Vikas has what it takes to bring in revenue to your company.  And that’s really what it all boils down to…. Vikas has the expertise and the know-how coming from and MBA in marketing along with 7+ years of industry experience.  He will help you set up & maintain marketing campaigns that will drive in more leads and traffic that you will know how to handle.  Contact Vikas to discuss the endless possibilities!










Our thoughts on web trends and technology

Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Business

Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Business Whether big or small, a business can benefit a lot from a mobile app. These apps are an integral part of any business. It is no longer enough to only have a website and leave it at that. If you want to get more clients, you have to make your marketing strategies more personal and the best way to do this today is through the use of mobile apps. So, why does your business necessarily need a mobile app?   Promotional tool Long gone are the days mobile phones were built with no Internet access capabilities. Cellphones have moved from Edge Internet connectivity to LTE. This makes it possible for you to promote your products at a more personal level through the Internet. All you need is a mobile app; apps have proven to be the future of computing. Developing an app for a business is beneficial and the strategy is being used today for trading, commerce, payment and product promotion.   Make money The cost of mobile app development is often scary to most businesses. However, with there being many app developers in the industry, the cost of development has been reduced significantly. In addition to that, you can create an app and use the many monetizing techniques to earn side income. For example, you can make use of in-app advertising where you rent advertising space to other advertisers.   Reach more customers If you want to beat your competitors, you should consider promoting your products and services through a range of channels. Online marketing is effective but it... read more

Benefits of Working with a Young Team

Benefits of Working with a Young Team Since time immemorial, people have always leaned on the old service providers because they believe they are more experienced. The naked truth, however, is that even after years of working experience, some people remain the same; their skills never advance. What is more is that some experienced service providers are irresponsive to change. In this modern age, there are many benefits of working with a young team. Here are some of them.   Full of energy The key advantage of hiring a young team, especially is application development is because they are full of energy. This is regardless of whether the work to be done is manual or mental. The abundance of energy and the natural thirst for knowledge will help get the best results from any project. The fact that this is one of their first real jobs means they will have a strong eagerness to learn, develop their career and will focus more on perfection in order to build their reputation. The young team wants to push themselves and make a lasting impression.   They can develop your workforce Another great thing about working with a young team is that they offer a cost effective way to grow a workforce. In addition to that, hiring a young team will give you an opportunity to influence the kind of employee you want them to be. They are more adaptable to change.   They bring enthusiasm Though the young team may lack the experience, they are driven by their eagerness to excel hence easier to train. They will not keep telling you... read more

Important Tips for Creating a Business Mobile App

Important Tips for Creating a Business Mobile App Technology is advancing at a very high rate. Failure to keep up with the trends can leave you at a disadvantage in the competitive business world. The newest addition to the product marketing world is the mobile app. This is a simple tool that is downloaded and installed in the consumer’s smartphone. The consumer can then enjoy its content which could be entertainment or anything else interesting whereas the seller can promote his products and services through the app. Often, these apps are online based so while the consumer is using it, real time promotions can be sent to him/her. If you are thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, you should take note of the following points.   Consider outsourcing While some businesses prefer in-house mobile app development, outsourcing is a much better choice. When you outsource, you will be able to get your app developed by an experienced team that is conscious about the newest trends in app development. What is more is that outsourcing will free you of all concerns related to app development. Working with an offsite app developer is more affordable and will give you the desired results in a shorter time span. Hiring a local development company will also ensure that he/she is accessible at all times.   Discuss with your team You might be the boss but your ideas may not always be all-inclusive. If you want to develop a good mobile app, you will have to discuss with your team. Brainstorm some ideas and know what they think about your ideas.... read more

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The Down River story

Down River Design is a New Orleans based design and development firm with a focus on iOS and Android apps, responsive websites, and video production. We have enthusiastically thrown our all into managing the development, programming and design needs of small, medium and large firms. Three short years ago we hammered out a vision of an all-inclusive design and development approach. A tailored service that regardless of the size of the firm would be highly personalized, flexible, and competitive. Based off years of industry experience and a shared enthusiasm for unique development and marketing solutions, the Down River Design team was formed to complement any company seeking to increase their online presence.


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