Questions to ask a Mobile App Developer

Questions to ask a Mobile App Developer

Does your company have a mobile app? If not, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to tap into the new revenue streams. Smartphones and tablets are the life of consumers today. By tapping into the power of mobile apps, you will be able to communicate with your consumers at an intimate level. With over 120 million smartphone users in the United States alone, you can expect to reach more clients with your app. All in all, to hit your goals, you ought to be very careful when hiring a mobile app developer. Here are some of the questions that will help distinguish the best developer from the crowd.

Where can I get examples of your mobile apps?
Looking at the experience of a mobile apps developer is important but there is nothing that gives you a better picture about his proficiency than the quality of his previous work. If he claims he can deliver what you are looking for, he must have proof. You get proof by reviewing his previous work. Are the apps satisfactory? Do you think he is the right person for the job?

Can I have a list of your past and current clients?
The type of clients the mobile apps developer works with tells a lot about him. If you are an online marketer and need a tool to simplify your work, you will want to work with a developer who has worked with clients in a similar field. This is the best way to tell if he is experienced enough to help you building an amazing app. Checking references and listening to what past clients are saying about the developer will give you some insight into a developer. Would they work with the developer again?

What kind of smartphone do you focus on?
When developing a mobile app, we all have a specific brand in mind. For example, if most of your consumers are using Android mobile devices, you will be at an advantage developing Android based apps. Look at the apps the developer focuses on. Will he be able to create a good app for you? The coding of the iOS app and the Android app are very different. If your target is the Android operating system, hire a developer who is proficient and experienced building Android apps.

How can my app make money?
The endgame is always making money. A good mobile apps developer should know how to build features that will help you make money at the end of the day. This could be the pay-per-download revenue models, or ones that offer an added platform for advertising.

How much will it cost?
Last but not least, you don’t want to work with a mobile apps developer who will drain your bank accounts. Before you hire him, look at his service fees. The last thing you would want is for the developer to retain the copyright or to have the power of replicating the app as his own. Read and understand the terms of service before you hire.

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